SMT Industrial Production Line Glue Dispenser Machine , UV glue dispenser machine , Adhesive Glue Dispenser Machine

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Product Description



1. may adjust nimbly manual, closes the automatic condition, uses the high accuracy numerical code fixed time controller, the accurate control each time titrate time, precisely arrives at the millisecond, controls the fluid material current capacity correctly, will not waste the fluid material.


2.adjusts the good barometric pressure, the time and the choice suitable needle ju, then easily change each time pour the drop quantity and the note drop time. 


3. solvable quick many drop of rubber question. Uses simply, the operation easy to use, to provide the vacuum quickly to return attracts the function, may control the different viscosity liquid, prevents the draining, the efficiency to be high, leaves the rubber to be consistent.


4.not easy weary, does not have the waste, the versatility, the product necessary complete, may according to the user need, have the size different kind of syringe, the needle ju is user's best partner mixes. 982 semiautomatic spot rubber machine are with the high-pressured vacuole in the hypothesis time, the use foot switch controls the counter-liquid to promote.


5.983 semiautomatic spot rubber machine is with the high-pressured vacuole in the hypothesis time, the use foot switch controls the counter-liquid to promote, is suitable by the product service and the small batch production work, or some automatic equipments are unable in the technique of production which achieves to use.


6.characteristic is the cost is low, the performance-to-price ratio is high, the elegant appearance, the operation use is simple, through the syringe pressure, the drop rubber time, the pinhole size, flows backwards the vacuum to control drops out the colloid size, this three kind of factors after moving settled, after foot switch triggering will drop out the equal quantity colloid (difference not to surpass .1%).


7.function is diverse, not only the manual spot rubber machine may use in the rubber operation, but may also use in a tin, can guarantee the good welding quality.


Technical performance target:


1. feed flow time:0.01s-1S,0.1s-10S,0.2s-20s,0.3s-30s  (digit demonstrated that digital control point rubber time, precision high);
2.input barometric pressure:0.5 Mpa 10.7 MPa;
3. output barometric pressure:0.05 MPa 10.7 MPa;
4. repeat accuracy:0.5%;
5. smallest drop out point quantity:0.005ml;
6. working speed:>300/minute;
7. input voltage:220V±10% 50Hz;
8. Consumed power:Is smaller than 15W ;
9. external dimensions:220mmX63mmXl65mm;
10. weight:3kg.


Application domain:


Industrial production each domain: Handset pressed key, dye printing, switch, coupling, computer, digital product, digital camera, MP3, MP4, electronic toy, loudspeaker, buzzer, electronic primary device, integrated circuit, circuit wafer, LCD liquid crystal box, relay, speaker, crystal oscillator part, LED lamp, cabinet cementation, optical lens, mechanical part seal and so on.

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